Company Background


Who We Are

Freigeist Consulting appeared the first time in early 2012 and was used as the personal brand for freelance work of todays Managing Partner Sebastian Cario. After the business developed rapidly in 2013 the decision was taken to move from freelance work to a solid company basis. Giving the opportunity to hire employees and working together with freelancers to move bigger projects Freigeist Consulting GmbH started working efficiently by the end of 2013. For now the company is still run by Sebastian Cario.

How We Work

If you were hoping for a standard process: No, there isn’t. No project and no company is like another. But there are some common client stages we are called to come into play:

1. You need digital growth, but you don’t know where and how

Looking for growth opportunities and executing them is what Freigeist Consulting was born for. Depending on size and complexity of your business and industry you are operating in, we starting to analyze for the first couple of days or weeks. We do look into all critical digital business areas: Marketing, Product, HR, Development / IT, Customer Support and so on. We also have to look in some financial data to determine the fundamental business numbers, but we are not doing “Excel-Consulting” here. After we have analyzed every important area and spoke to key employees we are defining a growth roadmap including several independent projects. Some of these are predictable and proven, some of them are more of experimental nature. With our roadmap approved by the client board we conceptualize and execute the certain projects together with our specialists onsite with your in-house staff and/or agencies.

2. You need digital growth and you know where, but not how

We love those projects, if we can convince the client to verify the “where”. Otherwise this kind of projects would limit us to a single area, which turns out in many cases not to be the real growth opportunity. To explain this here es a real world example: We have been called in to fix the search traffic both on paid and organic search together with the local team. But it turned out that this area was pretty much good covered and showed no strong potential. Instead CRM was almost not existent and lacked in both staff and knowledge. With the support of the client board we hired a CRM team and trained them to successfully roll out a sophisticated CRM solution including retention Marketing and a Refer-a-Friend program, which generated a +37% revenue growth on a year to year basis.

3. You need digital growth and you know where and how

We do not take this kind of projects. That’s most likely agency work and a pretty good chance that either the “where” and or the “how” are wrong. In our view those projects are time wasters and growth consulting only works if we have the freedom to look for the “where” and “how” by ourselves. We will launch our Blog soon and explain our view on this with more detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s a German company, why the heck is your website English?

Yes, we are based in Hamburg (Germany) but we do run projects also in whole Europe, UK, USA and Australia. So we do see us as an international company with English as the language of the digital world.

Just one permanent employee, how can you run several projects at the same time?

We have a strong network of freelance specialists which work with us on certain projects. There is not the one guy who knows all, there are so many areas or industries out there where specialists are a must have. We have them and we use them wisely.

So don’t bullshit me, what do you guys really “do” for my business?

We define and execute projects which generate growth to your business. No magic, just hard and specialized work!

I’m impressed, can you start tomorrow?

Every project takes time and needs a lot of attention, that’s why we plan in advance and not jump on and off projects in just a few days. Furthermore the demand of growth is nothing what appears over night, instead is a constant matter. So yes, it’s very likely that we can not start tomorrow or we are booked out for the next month or two. In this case you have to be patient, even if we know that your digital growth should start today.