Clients & Industries

Clients & Industries for Digital Growth Consulting

Our clients are not just clients. They are our partners in crime. We don’t do just business with them. We know them inside out from product to marketing. As a result of mutual trust we don’t advertise with them nor name them in public. But there are a number of industries we work in with completely different challenges to face.

Banking & Insurance

Banking and Insurance is one of the considered old fashioned industries we consult in, but one of the areas where digital growth can add important growth rates to those companies. Coming from the product side this is nothing which can be achieved easily and normally takes a lot of internal consulting. Sometimes even before the first project will be kicked off. But given the opportunities which are still untouched, Banking & Insurance companies have a huge market potential if they chose digital innovation instead of preservation.

Publisher & Media Houses

The war for clicks has began. But is this the right war to be fought out? Publisher & Media Houses have been early adaptors to digital media but never left what they where coming from: print content and print advertising. As revenues on print media goes down rapidly, new concepts on monetization of content and digital growth are needed. FGC worked in several projects to archive a digital shift in this area, starting from reach and growth projects to strategic initiatives for a new thinking about digital content monetization. There is no one-fits-all solution out there, but clients show there is a market for both quality content and the run for clicks.


E-Commerce has become high competitive in recent years. Facing new online shops in every single niche has brought the business down to a penny business in most areas where only the fittest and smartest will survive the battle of big pockets. This made an excellent digital growth strategy and execution even more important. A long-term competitive advantage has become the target of all digital growth activities, starting with short term projects to generate early success and move the learnings to the basement of the company afterwards. FGC consults E-Commerce businesses with growth strategy and execution to secure the continuos change which is needed to stay successful in a daily changing E-Commerce world.

Gaming & Gambling

When E-Commerce seems do be competitive you haven’t thought about Gaming and Gambling yet. Yes, this is the most competitive area we do consulting in but it’s also the area which is most developed in terms of growth strategy and execution as a basic component of both product and marketing. A strong knowledge of customer data and a stable financial background leads to high risk growths projects which may or may not work.  But as learnings will be delivered new ways, approaches and opportunities show up. FGC is active in this area since 2012 and leads growth projects at several Gaming & Gambling providers.


More and more companies figure out that digital growth is not limited to the B2C side. It is becoming an integral component of every company strategy in the B2B universe too. Especially in lead generation and lead management the company website and a sophisticated CRM is an important growth factor a lot of companies still underestimate. FGC successfully led several projects where clients generated considerable amounts of new leads and signed contracts through digital growth improvements.