Digital Growth Consulting

Started in 2013 Freigeist Consulting GmbH provides a wide range of consulting services around the globe, supporting our clients to grow their digital businesses. From Hamburg, with passion for growth!

Our Diamond Consulting Approach

We identified four major areas of expertise for digital businesses growth, where we can support with the following potential ingredients:

  1. Analyze
    • Competitive Analytics
    • S-W-O-T
    • Business Analytics
    • Data Inventory Audit
  2. Buy
    • Target Scouting & Evaluation
    • Stealth Acquisition
    • Digital Due Diligence
    • Post Merger Integration
  3. Build
    • Sourcing / Hiring
    • Product Management
    • Agile Development
    • Corporate Integration
  4. Optimize
    • Project & Process Management
    • From Data to Business Optimization
    • 2020 IT-Infrastructure
    • Internal Business Enabling

Every area could be start and exit and its contents are only limited by self believe. We completely adopt to the needs of our clients.